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RICS events helping to shape the future of the built environment

Date Posted: 12/02/2020 by admin

The RICS plays a significant role in the future of the built environment. Its local Association is hosting two seminars for the local property and construction sector, to support those entering the profession and to provide education on biodiversity....

Would this be good enough for you?

Date Posted: 17/11/2020 by admin

Situation: you are buying your dream home, making the biggest investment of your lifetime and you want to save as much money on the associated expenses as possible. You have looked around the property a few times, even taken your builder to cost some...

Condensation - the root of all evil in your home!

Condensation - the root of all evil in your home!

Date Posted: 16/01/2020 by admin

The symptoms of condensation can cause panic. When water appears on walls and ceilings it can be quite alarming… its must be damp! But not necessarily. So please, check with a Chartered Building Surveyor before you go ahead with a costly damp ...