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Date posted: 23/10/2013

Residential sprinkler systems

A member of the Delaney Marling team attended a seminar hosted by Humberside Fire & Rescue and presented by the BAFSA (British Automatic Sprinkler Association).

The topic of this seminar was the law currently being passed in Wales.  When this law comes into force it will mean that from April 2014 all new and refurbished residential care homes, homes in multiple occupation and hostels (as well as certain other types of premises) will have to be fitted with an approved fire suppression system. Then from January 2016 all single family dwellings including houses and flats will also have to be protected with approved automatic fire suppression systems.

Investors looking at buying property in Wales should be aware of this change in law and all investor/developers should be aware that at some point this law may be taken mirrored in the UK so will have a knock on affect for all people working in this sector of the property market.

The seminar did go on to establish that projects are undertaken by some local authorities/housing associations not as a result of this new law but to help protect both residents and property.  These projects have established that the cost effect of these works average at between £1,000 – 1,200 per flat.

Delaney Marling Partnership work hard to keep themselves up to date with potential changes in the law and regulations.  This then enables DMP to keep our clients up to date and compliant.

For more information on residential sprinklers or any other services DMP can provide contact them on 01482 623955.