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Date posted: 20/11/2013

Charity’s building development plans saved from funding disaster

Over the last two years, Inspire Communities has grown from a spark of an idea to a social enterprise that helps vulnerable people feel valued, empowered and to help develop skills for employment with confidence in their abilities and taking an active role in the community.

The latest project involves plans for a retail and coffee shop development which is to be run and managed as part of a work experience programme and fundraising initiative.

The not-for-profit scheme relies completely on funding, donations and help from local businesses and following a chance meeting at a networking event, Chartered Building Surveyors at Delaney Marling Partnership have managed to save thousands of pounds from a property that Chief Officer, Dave Edeson had his heart set on for his new initiative. 

He explains: “As a charity we try to save money in any way we can. As other might assume too, we thought that employing a building surveyor or any other consultant would be adding to the cost of a building project. In our case however, we have saved literally thousands of pounds by seeking DMP’s advice. They spotted an array of issues at a property that we had expected would just require some basic structural improvements and cosmetic changes and that the premises were perfect for us. In actual fact, DMP found a multitude of structural issues that would have completely swallowed up the funding that we have worked so hard to access. DMP provided us with an in-depth survey which showed items invisible to the un-trained eye such as dry-rot, asbestos, very poor supports and crumbling brickwork. I am so pleased that we sought their advice prior to signing the lease. Whatever the issue, it is wise to contact a building surveyor to find out the route of the cause before instructing contractors to undertake work, if only by making a telephone call.”

Simon Delaney, Chartered Surveyor at DMP says: “As part of our business we help charities and not-for-profit businesses in any way we can and it was just by chance this time that I mentioned a survey which could be done, especially for a charity.”