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Date posted: 19/04/2017

Overcoming a fear of heights

Overcoming a fear of heights

My first year at DMP has been without doubt the best of my working life. The variety of buildings, materials and organisations that I have gained experience in has been unbelievable and I am very fortunate to have this experience, whilst completing my MSc Building Surveying.

It has been a huge challenge, juggling my time between University, study and work, but it has been completely worth it and I look forward to graduating later this year.

I have also managed to overcome a crippling fear of heights. Before I started at DMP and Nottingham Trent University, I went to Go Ape to face my fear. It took me a long time to get round the course, not the greatest achievement Go Ape had ever seen - but I finished it and since then I have been able to work at height. I am by no way the quickest or most graceful up a ladder, but I always get there without too much drama. The photo is proof… as part of a dilapidations report in Scunthorpe, we inspected the roof of a commercial premises for a landlord. Using a cherry picker we were able to get a good view and understand the extent of the damage caused to the building.

I am very excited about the consultancy piece of work that I will carry out as part of my course at NTU and my role at DMP. This will look into quinquennial (every 5 years) surveys carried out on ancient and ecclesiastical buildings, with a view to producing an asset management plan for Beverley Minster which is now one of DMP’s clients.