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Date posted: 06/12/2018

When You Wish Upon a Tree

When You Wish Upon a Tree
We sponsored a tree at the Beverley Minster Christmas Tree Festival on behalf of When You Wish Upon a Star, the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire based charity that makes dreams come true for children with terminal illnesses.

As surveyor to Beverley Minster, we are pleased to be able to support this fund-raising activity for both the Minster and the Charity.

DMP donated the tree to When You Wish to decorate in a way to best reflect what they are about.

Last year that charity’s little elves were asked to write their wishes on the back of some special stars. The messages include some very poignant notes which bring home to us exactly how vital the support from this charity is for families.

Some of the wishes included: wishing cancer would go away, wishing siblings would get better, wishing for cures. But mostly they were full of hope and inspiration.

Joanne Wright from When You Wish Upon a Star decorated the tree in The Minster and said on her Facebook post that she felt very emotional as she placed them, particularly knowing that some of these amazing youngsters are no longer with us this Christmas.

If you would like to know more about this fantastic charity and how to support their fundraising activity, please visit HERE.