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Date posted: 08/07/2019

Built property has a life-span

Built property has a life-span, whether a school, commercial, residential or medieval building. If we look after these buildings, they will look after us and DMP, Chartered Building Surveyors are a trusted partner protecting property investments.


Meeting as colleagues at East Riding of Yorkshire Council and at Smith and Nephew, Simon Delaney and Kevin Marling have grown their company since setting up in 2007, despite the industry downturn. In this time they have completed over 500 residential surveys, helped to preserve millions of pounds worth of property developments and commercial projects to guarantee value and longevity.


Simon says:


“We are privileged to survey some of the most amazing properties - Rank House, NAPA, Spurn Lighthouse and Beverley Minster etc. We provide a variety of services at any one time; managing demolition, project management for refurbishment and planned maintenance of commercial property, dilapidations, asset management plans and building surveys.”


“We can put minds at rest about cracking, smells and damp. Sometimes these appear worse and we assure no costly action is required. We can also make clients aware of problems that could create expense in the future.”


Recent projects include the maintenance programme at Beverley Minster, construction monitoring at Claremont in Grimsby, the pre-purchase survey of Kingston International Business Park, planned/refurbishment maintenance work at the Compass Academy and reinstatement cost valuations of commercial properties (for insurance purposes).


Party wall matters continue to create issues for neighbours (residential/commercial) who don’t understand the need to notify of changes under the Party Wall Act.


Kevin says:


“Our big passion is advising young people on careers. With over 50 years’ combined experience, we support RICS to raise awareness of opportunities for young people, as schools don’t necessarily promote this aspect. It is possible to turn an interest into a career.”