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Date posted: 18/11/2019

Would this be good enough for you?

Situation: you are buying your dream home, making the biggest investment of your lifetime and you want to save as much money on the associated expenses as possible. You have looked around the property a few times, even taken your builder to cost some alterations. The mortgage survey highlighted a few areas of concern and recommends a structural survey but says the mortgage can go through. Do you A. Call an expert qualified and experienced professional or, B. consult you builder again and ask him to check the points in the report?

Result A: the expert discovers the issues so can you either negotiate the purchase price or, walk away from the deal altogether. Either way, saving you a considerable sum of money.

Result B: you move into the house and in the first week during heavy rain, water comes in through the ceiling, after investigation it turns out the rafters are decayed and have collapsed in places.

Also, you noticed a strange smell in the living room and the floorboards seemed to dome in the middle. It turns out dry rot has caused failure of all of the floor joists, including the boards and needs replacing, to a total cost: 15,000.

There will always be someone who says they undertake the works cheaper, but what will it cost you in the long-run?

I love the above image. It illustrates perfectly that if you choose to pay a less qualified and less experienced person to undertake work that could leave its mark, you can’t expect the results you were hoping for.

In our industry we work with people who value advice, as opposed to people who want to extensively reduce upfront costs, on what is likely to be the biggest purchase of their lifetime.

As Chartered Building Surveyors we are trained and have vast experience of building defects and pathology which helps when surveying old residential properties, commercial business parks, also one of the oldest, medieval churches in the UK, Beverley Minster.

We are able to spot issues that are invisible to the untrained eye (and sometimes nose). This can be anything from internal condensation requiring better ventilation, which may cost a few hundred pounds to major cracks in brickwork affecting the roof which could cause major structural damage and tens of thousands of pounds to repair.

My business partner, Kevin Marling and I have over 50 years’ combined experience working in building surveying within the construction industry. During our time working in the industry we’ve seen it all and can assure you that when vast sums of cash are required to deal with unexpected repairs, it can be hugely stressful and in some cases leave a person at a significant financial loss.

If you are considering purchasing a property for your home or business, please give us a call. We are always happy for you to email photos initially and we can give you some advice over the phone. Don’t take the risk on an investment like this, just call us… 01482 623955.