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Date posted: 18/11/2020

Protecting Ancient Buildings - National Maintenance Week

Protecting Ancient Buildings - National Maintenance Week

National Maintenance Week 20-27 November 2020 is organised by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB).

Every year, SPAB prompts the public to givetheir properties a thorough maintenance check before winter weather takes hold.

As experienced Chartered Building Surveyors, we value the importance of National Maintenance Week and the valuable information it offers. When it comes to property maintenance, we see first-hand that building owners can never be too careful, especially through the harsh winter months.

For example, we often hear from worried clients experiencing water damage on the inside of their property which can be caused by blocked gutters etc.

Teamed with resources and top tips for keeping buildings in good condition, the SPAB also offers advice to property owners, helping them to get to know their old buildings better and take practical action to look after them.

Their website states:

“We believe old buildings have a future. From cottages to castles and from churches to cathedrals, we are here to help buildings and the people who care for them.”

At Delaney Marling Partnership, we definitely concur. Being able to extend the life of iconic buildings through our maintenance work is undoubtedly a privilege.

We work with Beverley Minster Old Fund which has received a boost in funding from the National Heritage Lottery Fund (NHLF), as well as English Heritages Covid Recovery fund. Our team has been working in all weathers to restore the fabric of the building and this much-needed funding will go towards replacing specific parts of the Minster roof.

We are honoured to maintain the history held within its beautiful architecture, as part of a team making sure The Minster will be there for many future generations to cherish.

For more information about the free online events involved, visit HERE.

If you require any of our maintenance services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01482 623955.